L'Occitane "Good Luck Gift"

L'Occitane will release a limited number of "Good Luck Gifts" on December 27th. It can be purchased at L'Occitane shops and official online shopping sites nationwide.

Good luck gift

The cute votive tablet package "Goodluck Gift" is a perfect gift when you want to give support to those who are working hard. Contains three products that support people who do their best. The price is 2,860 yen (tax included).

"Cherry Blossom Soft Hand Cream 10mL" with cherry blossom scent that conveys the feeling of praying for success "May the cherry blossoms bloom", cleans your hands with the soothing lavender scent that is perfect when you are about to be crushed by pressure A 3-piece set of "Lavender Clean Hand Gel 65mL" that keeps you, and "Provence Aroma Pillow Mist (Relaxing) 15mL" that gives you a soothing scent when you blow it on an uneasy night. Why don't you give a scented gift to those who want to support you, such as taking an examination, taking an examination, getting a job, changing jobs, or trying hard to love.

* "Lavender Clean Hand Gel" is not a drug or quasi-drug, but it can be used for hand disinfection as a substitute for disinfecting ethanol.