MUJI "Self-made series" 2 new products --- "Chocolate chip muffins" and "Nuts crunch chocolates" for Valentine's Day

From MUJI, 2 new items from the "Self-made series" for Valentine's Day and 9 standard items for a limited time are now available. It will be sold at MUJI products nationwide from January 12th.

MUJI "Self-made series" for Valentine's Day

Every year, MUJI develops a "self-made series" in which basic ingredients are set so that you can enjoy Valentine's Day while enjoying making. This year, 2 new items have been added to the standard 9 items. A total of 11 items will be developed that can be selected according to the giver and taste.

MUJI New Product Overview for Valentine's Day "Make Your Own Series"

Make your own chocolate chip muffins

Until last year, we developed volume-packed chocolate chip muffins that were supposed to be distributed to many people. This year, the amount of chocolate chips has been increased, and the size of one piece has increased. By mixing and baking two types of dough, you can easily make a soft marble-patterned muffin. Eight molds for muffins are set.

Make your own nut crunch chocolate

A kit that makes it easy to make crunchy chocolate with a crispy texture just by cooling and hardening. A set of powders that can be made into two types, cocoa and strawberry flavor. The shape of the finished product is a semicircle made by rolling it with a spoon so that even adults can enjoy it.