"Ichiban Kuji [Disney Princess] Romantic Lagoon" Elegant miscellaneous goods such as beauty and the beast Ariel

The latest character lottery without losing "Ichiban Kuji [Disney Princess] Romantic Lagoon" is now available. It will be sold sequentially from January 22nd at Seven-Eleven stores and Ito-Yokado stores. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (tax included) is 650 yen each time.

Ichiban Kuji [Disney Princess] Romantic Lagoon

"Ichiban Kuji" is a character lottery that can be purchased at convenience stores, bookstores, and amusement facilities. BANDAI SPIRITS is developing.

"Ichiban Kuji [Disney Princess] Romantic Lagoon" is the Ichiban Kuji featuring Disney Princess. The lineup includes Ariel figures, blankets designed with characters that appear in princesses and princess works, bore pouches, tumblers, and canvas boards. It is a product unique to Ichiban Kuji that depicts the elegant and beautiful world view of Disney princesses.

The last one prize that can be obtained by pulling the last one is another color version of the A prize "Ariel" figure with a pearly coloring. We are also planning to carry out a double chance campaign where you can win a figure with the same specifications as the Last One Award by lottery.

Ichiban Kuji [Disney Princess] Romantic Lagoon Overview

Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 650 yen each time (10% tax included)
Number of types: 29 types in all 7 grades + Last One Award
Prize A [Ariel] figure (1 type in total)
Prize B [Beauty and the Beast] Blanket (1 type in total)
Prize C Boa Pouch (2 types in total)
Prize D Ceramic tumbler (4 types in total)
Prize E canvas board (7 types in total)
Prize F Metal Charm Collection (8 types in total)
Prize G Art Towel Assortment (6 types in total)
Last One Award [Ariel] Figure Pearly ver.
Sales route: Seven-Eleven store, Ito-Yokado store Sales start date: Scheduled to be released sequentially from Saturday, January 22, 2022 Publisher: BANDAI SPIRITS Co., Ltd.

* Depending on the store, it may not be available or the release date may differ. It will end as soon as it runs out.
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