Paradu Dreaming Coffret

"Paradu Dreaming Coffret" will be released on January 19th at Seven-Eleven (excluding some stores). The price is 1,650 yen (tax included). It will end as soon as it runs out.

Paradu Dreaming Coffret

A set of 3 make-up items to enjoy the sparkle with the motif of night merry-go-round. Contains "Single Eyeshadow PL01 Unicorn Fantasy", "Pearl Eyeliner CL01 Crystal Wink" and "Mini Nail CL02 Twinkle Magic".

Paradu Dreaming Coffret

Single eyeshadow PL01 Unicorn fantasy

A single eyeshadow with a long-lasting high-quality sparkle due to the sheer lame prescription. A fantastic color that turns the tiny blue glitter into pink or purple by light and changes the expression on a whim. Produces the cuteness of a transparent adult.

Paradu "Single Eyeshadow PL01 Unicorn Fantasy"

Pearl Eyeliner CL01 Crystal Wink

A soft pencil-type pay-out pearl eyeliner containing 4 types of large pearls. A color design that blends into the skin without floating and creates a sense of transparency. A slightly pink color that blends naturally when placed under the eyes and enhances the pearly feel. It collects light and brightens the white of the eyes, giving it an elegant moisturized eye that shines brightly. Waterproof type.

Parado "Pearl Eyeliner CL01 Crystal Wink"

Mini Nail CL02 Twinkle Magic

Single-use size nail color. It is a pink lavender with a hologram that glitters like an adult.

Paradu "Mini Nail CL02 Twinkle Magic"