Parapara fried rice with mayonnaise

I have summarized the tricks behind the kitchen that I introduced in Enuchi. It's easy to practice and you can improve the efficiency of cooking.

The trick behind the preparation

Chicken fillet streaks

Introducing the tips for "removing bell pepper calyx," "peeling taro," and "removing chicken fillet." By making the preparation that feels a little troublesome smooth, the hurdles for cooking will be lowered.

>> Pepper calyx, taro peeling, chicken fillet stripping

The trick behind cooking

Crispy bacon

Introducing "Crispy bacon in the microwave," "Short-time candy-colored onions," and "Parapara fried rice with mayonnaise." You can improve the taste of the dish while saving time and effort.

>> Crispy bacon, candy-colored onions, para para fried rice

The secret behind food preservation

How to open the egg pack

Introducing "How to return the hardened sugar", "How to refill the miso in a bag", and "How to open the egg pack". It solves the small problems of kitchen work.

>> How to return the hardened sugar, how to refill the miso in a bag, how to open the egg pack

A lot of tricks that make you feel a little gained if you know it. Try it in an experimental mood.