Canmake "Silky Loose Moist Powder"

Introducing new products and colors that will appear in late January from Canmake. New colors of "Silky Loose Moist Powder", "3way Slim Eye Rouge Liner", "Cream Cheek" and "Melty Luminous Rouge (Tint Type)" are available.

Silky Loose Moist Powder

A moisturizing loose powder that prevents makeup from coming off due to dryness and keeps the skin moist for a long time. The soft focus powder makes the unevenness of the skin look flat and covers the pores.

Canmake "Silky Loose Moist Powder"

Contains 27 types of beauty essence ingredients. When used separately, it can be removed with soap only. Free of UV absorbers, parabens, alcohol, tar pigments, mineral oils and fragrances. SPF23 / PA ++.

Canmake "Silky Loose Moist Powder"

The color is "01 Silky Beige" that naturally blends into the skin. Comes with a 3mm puff that feels comfortable against the skin. The price is 968 yen (tax included, same below).

3way Slim Eye Rouge Liner 02 Sheer Orange

An eyeliner that can be used for 3 ways, with double emphasis, teardrop shadows, and eye plumper effects. The brush is thinned from the root so that it is easy to draw and has a moderate elasticity. Waterproof & smudge proof that is resistant to water, sweat, sebum, and rubbing.

Canmake "3way Slim Eye Rouge Liner 02 Sheer Orange"

"02 Sheer Orange" is a nice color with "shadow color" and "blood color". A transparent orange that blends well with the skin and gives an adult-like impression. The price is 770 yen.

Cream cheek 22 orange sorbet

Cheek that melts into the skin and gives a natural complexion. When the smooth gel spreads on the skin, it changes to smooth. The inside is moist and the outside is smooth and comfortable to wear.

Canmake "Cream Cheek 22 Mandarin Sherbet"

"22 Mandarin orange sorbet" is a mandarin orange color that creates a gorgeous look. The price is 638 yen.

Melty Luminous Rouge (Tint Type) T07 Ginger Orange

Rouge with a melting feel. Contains beauty oil to create an elegant luster while maintaining moisture. Vaseline, which prevents water evaporation, moisturizes the lips and keeps the lips firm with inconspicuous vertical wrinkles.

Canmake "Melty Luminous Rouge (Tint Type) T07 Ginger Orange"

"T07 Ginger Orange" is a mucous membrane color that gives a soft impression. The price is 880 yen.