L'Occitane "Grace Orchidee Premium Eau de Toilette

L'Occitane's limited-edition "Grace Orchidee" series has been available since January 26.

Grace Orchidee

Grace Orchidée is the first limited edition collection from the Orchidée series, which is popular for its lovely fragrance that brings happiness. It is a floral fragrance that reflects the pure elegance of neroli and the warmth of pure white Intense Orchidee. The two different personalities blend together to create a sense of happiness and gorgeous elegance.

The Grace Orchidée series uses two extracts of Orchidée and an extract of Neroli from the rare and fragrant Orange Blossom of Grasse. L'Occitane's pursuit of high quality fragrances brings elegance to the scent and creates a rich expression.

Grace Orchidee Premium Eau de Toilette

75mL 7,920 yen (tax included, same as below)

L'Occitane "Grace Orchidee Premium Eau de Toilette

Grace Orchidee Gelly Fragrance

Portable and convenient jelly-type fragrance. 10 mL, 1,980 yen

L'Occitane "Grace Orchidée Gelee Fragrance

Grace Orchidee Parfum Shower Gel

A shower gel that gently cleanses with plant-derived cleansing ingredients while offering an elegant fragrance. 245mL, 3,190yen.

L'Occitane "Grace Orchidee Parfum Shower Gel

Grace Orchidee Parfum Moist Milk

Body milk with shea butter for glowing skin and a graceful fragrance. 245mL, JPY 4,290.

L'Occitane "Grace Orchidee Parfum Moist Milk

Grace Orchidee Premium Hand Cream

A hand cream with a silky finish that moisturizes but does not leave a sticky residue. 30mL 1,540yen.

L'Occitane "Grace Orchidee Premium Hand Cream".