&honey Creamy Series

A new series called "&honey Creamy" that specializes in hair damage will be released on February 1st.

&honey Creamy

&honey Creamy is a new 5D repair formula that repairs hair damage while maintaining the water-retaining power of honey beauty, which is one of the features of &honey. It repairs hair that has been subjected to the five types of damage caused by heat, friction, UV rays, hair color, and dryness, and leads to moist hair all the way to the tips.

&honey Creamy Series

Contains a unique ratio of three types of honey, including Manuka honey, raw honey, and newly added black bee honey. More than 90% of the product, including honey and highly moisturizing hyaluronic acid, is made up of moisturizing and repairing ingredients. Aiming for a hair moisture content of 14%, it protects the surface (cuticle) and prevents moisture from evaporating.

&honey Creamy Series

AND HONEY Creamy EX Damage Repair Shampoo 1.0

Juicy berry honey scent made from British raspberries. 450mL 1,540yen (tax included, same as below)

AND HONEY Creamy EX Damage Repair Hair Pack 1.5

Dream berry honey scent with Swedish blueberries. 130g (4.59oz), 1,100 yen.

AND HONEY Creamy EX Damage Repair Hair Treatment 2.0

French berry honey scent with blackcurrant from Finland. 450g (15.87oz), 1,540yen.

AND HONEY Creamy EX Damage Repair Hair Oil 3.0

Merry berry honey scent with domestically grown strawberries. 100mL 1,540yen.

&honey Creamy Series

A step-by-step fragrance that allows you to enjoy the change in fragrance as you use more items. The rich fragrance creates a moment of healing.