Starbucks SAKURA Series First Merchandise -- Tumblers, Mugs, etc. with Cherry Blossom Designs for Springtime Excitement
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The first goods of the SAKURA series are now available from Starbucks Coffee Japan. They will be available for pre-sale at the Starbucks Online Store from February 15. It will be available at Starbucks stores (excluding some stores) from February 17. Sales will end as soon as they run out.

Starbucks SAKURA series first goods

There will be a lineup of tumblers, mugs and other items from the SAKURA series that will make you feel the coming of spring. The concept of the first series of goods is "Sense of SAKURA Beauty". The design expresses the beauty and fragility of cherry blossoms.

The design is based on soft cherry blossom colors and elegant blue, and captures the various expressions of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Various types of Sakura goods will be available, including the Sakura2022 Handy Stainless Steel Bottle Blue 500ml (16.91us fl oz), which depicts Sakura in full bloom in the spring sky with a touch of transparency, and a heat-resistant glass mug with a cute impression in the shape of a fluffy Sakura. The products are said to make you feel like your heart is floating with the early arrival of spring.

Starbucks SAKURA series first goods lineup

SAKURA2022 glass canister: 3,100 yen
SAKURA2022 Heat-resistant Glass Aurora 237ml (8.01us fl oz) 2,970 yen
SAKURA2022 Stainless Steel Petit Bottle (200ml (6.76us fl oz)) 3,410 yen
SAKURA 2022 Stainless Steel TOGO Cup Tumbler Line Art 355ml (12us fl oz) 4,070yen
SAKURA 2022 Petal Pink Mug 355ml (12us fl oz) 2,310yen
SAKURA2022 Handystainless Steel Bottle Blue 500ml (16.91us fl oz) 4,950yen
SAKURA 2022 Bottle Bloom 355ml (12us fl oz) 2,200yen
SAKURA2022 Stainless Steel Tumbler Embossed Bloom, 473ml (15.99us fl oz), ¥4,400
SAKURA2022 Starbucks Bearista Message Gift - ¥1,500
SAKURA2022 Starbucks Campus Ring Notebook Blue, ¥528

All prices include tax.