Limited-edition "Eyebuchi Hitoe/Butoe Mascara" in "Raspberry Brown" and "Plum Brown

On March 4, "Aipuchi Hitoe/Okubae Mascara" will be released in two limited edition colors, "Raspberry Brown" and "Plum Brown," which are inspired by rich fruit. The price is 1,320 yen each (tax included).

Mascara for Eyebuchi Hitoe and Okubae Raspberry Brown

A pink-brown color with a hint of sweetness. The result is a nuanced gaze that is both mature and innocent. Available at PLAZA, MINiPLA, and PLAZA ONLINE STORE nationwide.

Eyebuchi mascara for single eyelid and inner eyelid Raspberry brown

Eyebuchi: Mascara for "Hitoe" and "Okubae" Plum Brown

This is a reprint of a popular color that was released in March 2021 in a limited edition. After selling out, we received many requests to re-release it, so it will be available again this spring only. The purple-brown color shows off the whites of your eyes beautifully and creates a clear gaze. Available at variety stores nationwide and at the official IMU online store.

Mascara for "petite eyes" and "inner eyelids" plum brown

The limited edition color is a dark color with a low lightness based on brown. It prevents the outline of the lashes from blurring with the skin like black or brown. The depth of color with a hint of glamour makes for an impressive eye look.

Eyebuchi mascara for single eyelid and inner eyelid Raspberry brown

Some of the pigments have been changed to pearls to prevent color dullness. By cross-pollinating with transparent and vivid colored pearls, a clear color that brings out the presence of the eyelashes has been achieved.

Mascara for "petite eyes" and "inner eyelids" plum brown

Eyelash mascara for "Hitoe" and "Okubuta" lashes

Proprietary technology creates a water- and oil-resistant film on the surface of the lashes. The result is both high curl retention and smudge resistance. Even prevents blurring caused by water, oil, and rubbing.

Uses a naginata-shaped brush. The gentle curve at the tip of the brush gets into the base of the lashes hidden by the eyelid, so you can apply from the top of the eye to the bottom of the eye without leaving any hairs behind.

Naginata-type brush for mascara for "Hitoe" and "Okubuta" eyebrows

The instant-locking ingredients lock in the lash curl created by the eyelash curler from the moment it is applied. The shape-memory polymer keeps the freshly applied lash angle for a long time without losing the weight of the eyelid.