MUJI's first stationery -- study books, pencil cases, pencils, etc. for elementary school students, easy to purchase only what you need

MUJI has launched a new series of "Hajimete no Stationery" that can be used by elementary school students, and 17 items will be available at MUJI stores nationwide starting March 3.

MUJI Hajimete no Stationery

The stationery series was created by considering the elements necessary for children to use as their first stationery when they enter elementary school, and incorporating functions and designs that can be used for a long time. The stationery is designed to be long-lasting, and the products can be purchased in the amount needed.

The lineup includes basic products such as study books, pencil cases, and triangular rulers. Compasses (on sale on March 17) and name stickers will also be newly released.

MUJI's first stationery -- study books, pencil cases, pencils, etc. for elementary school students, easy to purchase only what you need

An example of the lineup is shown below. Prices shown include tax.

MUJI's First Stationery Product Outline

Study book (90 yen)
The names of subjects and products are printed only minimally, in a design that eliminates waste. The ruled lines of the notebook are printed on the front cover, making it easy to identify the type of notebook without opening it. The notebooks are designed to be easy to use, with free space for writing course names and names. Both are B5 size.

There are 8 types of notebooks: kanji (50 or 84 characters), Japanese (8 or 12 squares), arithmetic (6 or 17 squares), free-style notebooks, and 5mm square notebooks. 5mm square notebooks are designed to be used for a wide range of subjects in middle and upper grades of elementary school, making them highly versatile.

Polypropylene pencil case (290 yen)
This pencil case holds six pencils, erasers, markers, rulers, and more, and is small enough to fit in a school bag. The pencil case can hold all the stationery needed for each grade, and the holders can be removed for a variety of uses.

Pencil caps that can be used at both ends, 2-pack (70 yen)
A twin-type pencil cap that can be used for two pencils and is translucent so that the nibs can be easily seen. The cap is translucent and can be used to hold two pencils. By inserting a short pencil into the cap and connecting the two pencils, the cap becomes long enough to use up the pencil.

One pencil red/blue (80 yen), two 4B pencils (50 yen)
Red pencils, which are frequently used in elementary schools, are made longer (lead ratio: red 7:blue 3). The pencils have been available in HB, B, and 2B hardnesses, but now 4B has been added to the lineup.

Acrylic triangular ruler 45 degrees, 30 degrees/60 degrees, acrylic protractor half circle (70 yen each)
Triangular rulers and protractors, which are often sold in sets, are now sold separately, so you can buy only what you need. The triangular ruler is made of a transparent material that makes it easy to see and draw horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. The protractor has scales on both sides so that you can measure angles from either side.