Incoco 2022 Spring Collection

Incoco, a nail polish brand, has released "Incoco 2022 Spring Collection" on March 2. Limited quantity.

Incoco 2022 Spring Collection

A hint of spring in the soft air. Four dreamy designs with soft colors. 8 sizes x 2 sheets, 1,100 yen each (tax included).

How to apply Incoco

Purple Twilight

Gradient glitter nail polish with a pale purple base color. The lame glitter scattered all over the nail is a fine type, and the delicate grains make the entire nail shine. The purple gradually fades toward the tips, like the sky before dawn.

Incoco "Purple Twilight"

Candy Cloud

A multi-colored nail with a vertical gradient on white glitter. The color of the fine glitter changes depending on the angle, giving off a fantastic glow every time you move your finger. The vertical gradation makes the fingertips look neat, so you can enjoy the dreamy colors without looking childish.

Incoco "Candy Cloud"

Sparkling Star

This glitter nail polish is a pale beige with silver lame. The lame is very fine, so it doesn't look gaudy and tones up the fingertips in an elegant way.

Incoco "Sparkling Star"

Sunset Kiss

A pale coral pink gradient glitter nail polish. The white glitter on the entire surface has a subdued sheen that complements the gradation like a sunset sky. Recommended for those who find ordinary glitters too flashy.

Incoco, "Sunset Kiss."