Canmake "OFF-UN mascara

Here is a summary of the new products, new colors, and limited edition colors that have appeared from Cammake.

Easy to Remove Mascara

A curl-keeping mascara that can be removed with hot water. The hard film holds lashes upward, and the flexible film withstands the movement of blinking to keep lashes firmly in place. Resistant to water, sweat, tears, and moisture from masks, and prevents smudging. Free of ethanol, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic dyes.

Canmake "OFF-UN mascara

Contains a polymer to create a thread-like texture and a powder to create a smooth mascara solution that does not clump. The 2mm-long fibers create long lashes. The tapered brush with a gentle curve fits the curve of the eyelid.

Canmake "OFF-UN mascara

Two colors are available: "01 Black," a classic black that makes the eyes stand out, and "02 Milk Brown," a lighter brown that gives a gentle impression. The price is 748 yen (tax included, same as below).

Canmake "OFF-UN mascara

Silky Souffle Eyes (Matte Type)

From the matte type of "translucent matte" eyeshadow that blends into the skin, comes a limited edition color that will make you feel great for spring. M04 Cupid's Petal is a coral pink that looks like it is covered in flower petals. The price is 825 yen.

Canmake "Silky Souffle Eyes (Matte Type)

Mixed Eyebrow

The "Mixed Eyebrow" series, which allows you to design your own color from eyebrow makeup to nose shadow with just one product, now includes "09 Peach Tea Brown," a pink color with a hint of blood color. The nose-shadow powder, which blends well with the skin, creates natural shadows to enhance your face and eye makeup. The price is 660 yen.

Cammake "Mixed Eyebrow

Mermaid Skin Gel UV

Mermaid Skin Gel UV is a skincare, moisturizing base, and UV care product that corrects redness and dullness. It has a relaxing herbal scent. The price is 770 yen.

Canmake "Mermaid Skin Gel UV

Juicy Lip Tint

An oil-in-water tint that does not fade easily even when eating or drinking. It has a glossy yet non-sticky feel and is lightweight. The new color is "05 Classic Fig," a rose pink with an elegant atmosphere, and the limited edition color is "06 Pomelo Red," a coral red with a fresh brightness. The price is 660 yen.

Canmake "Juicy Lip Tint".