Ichiban Kuji Lottery Pokemon EIEVUI & Starlight Night" at bookstores, TSUTAYA, etc. -- Win an Eevee plushie, hand towel, etc.

The new "Ichiban Kujiji Pokemon EIEVUI & Starlight Night" character lottery is now available. The lottery will be available at bookstores, TSUTAYA, animate stores, hobby stores, game centers, drug stores, Pokémon Centers, and official Ichiban Kuji Lottery stores from March 19. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (including tax) is 650 yen per ticket.

Ichiban Kujiji Pokemon EIEVUI & Starlight Night

The "Ichiban Kuji Lottery" is a character lottery that can be purchased at convenience stores, bookstores, and amusement centers, and is run by BANDAI SPIRITS.

The "Ichiban Kuji Lottery Pokemon EIEVUI & Starlight Night" has a lineup of prizes including plush toys, scarves, and hand towels. The last one prize, which can be obtained by drawing the last one, is a cushion with a cute Eevee pose as if she is sleeping on the moon. There will also be a double chance campaign to win a cushion with the same specifications as the last one prize.

Ichiban Kuji Lottery Pokemon EIEVUI & Starlight Night Grade List

Prize A: Eevee plushie with starlight ribbon (1 type), approx. 27cm
Prize B: Eevee and Starlight Night Plushie (1 type) 27cm
Prize C: EEVUI & Starlight Night Room Light (1 kind) approx. 18.5cm
Prize D: Starlight Night Rug Mat (1 kind) approx. 50cm
Prize E: Scarf (2 types) approx. 48cm
Prize F: Sparkling Starry Sky Glass Collection (5 kinds) Glass: approx. 9cm Plate: approx. 10.5cm
Prize G: Hand Towel (total 5 kinds) approx. 25cm
H Prize: Metal Charm (9 kinds) approx. 4.5cm
Last one prize: Eevee's moon cushion about 37cm
Double Chance Campaign: Eevee's Moon Cushion: 30 pieces in total

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