KAI Nyaming "Cat Shampoo Glove" and "Cat Face Wash Brush

New products, "Cat Shampoo Glove" and "Cat Face Wash Brush," from Kaijirushi's cat-themed beauty tool series, Nyarming, have been on sale since March 8. Available at the official Kaijirushi online store, drugstores nationwide, home centers, and major mass merchandisers.

Cat Shampoo Glove

Features a cat paw band and a cat ear-shaped finger pocket structure (patented). The cat holds the hand from palm to fingertips, as if it is hugging the cat, allowing for a firm massage while shampooing. The middle finger can be freely moved while wearing the glove, making it easy to push the pump head of the shampoo bottle, which tends to slip.

KAI Nyaming "Cat Shampoo Glove

The soft and elastic material conforms to the curves of the head, allowing a wide area to be massaged at once. The thick, rounded tips of the bristles provide pleasant stimulation to the scalp. Price: 825 yen (tax included).

Cat Face Cleansing Brush

The brush's soft bristles and paw-shaped bumps allow for quick lathering of facial cleanser. The ultra-fine bristles are gentle to the skin, and the ample volume of bristles fits the skin to clear even the smallest pores of dirt and grime. It is also easy to lather powdered cleanser. Recommended for those who want to create skin with good makeup application.

KAI Nyaming "Cat Face Cleansing Brush

Freestanding handle for storing soft bristles without crushing them. It is also convenient when you want to put the brush down while washing your face. Price: 1,430 yen (tax included).