Yojiya "Hanahonoka" Fragrance Series

Yojiya introduces the "Hanahonoka" fragrance series. Three new products that allow you to enjoy the "Hanahonoka" fragrance will be released sequentially from March 16.

Yojiya "Hanahonoka" series

One of Yojiya's most popular products is eau de toilette and perfume paste, which are popular for their gentle and gorgeous fruity floral scents such as peach, rose, and musk. These products are popular for their sweet fragrance that is not too strong and have many repeat customers.

In order to allow customers to enjoy such fragrances in various daily situations, new products are available in limited quantities. The new products will be named "Hanahonoka," which is appropriate for the soft and floral fragrance, and will be developed as part of Yojiya's fragrance series along with the popular "Mayugomori" series.

Yojiya "Hanahonoka" Fragrance Series

In addition to the "Eau de Toilette," "Neri Perfume," and "Body Powder" currently on the market, "Hana Honoka Hanadokurimu," "Hana Honoka Handojeru," and "Hana Honoka Rumufuregrance" are newly introduced. The seasonal "Aburatorigami Sakura" sold every spring will also have a limited design this year to commemorate the birth of Hana Honoka.

Yojiya "Aburatorigami Sakura

Hanahonoka Hanadokurimu

A hand cream with a gentle fragrance of hana-honoka. Formulated with moisturizing ingredients sericin and shea butter, it provides firm moisturizing without being sticky. Priced at 750 yen; available on March 16.

Yojiya "Hanahonoka Hanpurimu

Ohana Handmade Cream Set

Set of the popular "Mayugomori Hanagorimu" and the new "Hanahonoka Hanagorimu". Also recommended as a gift. Priced at 1,430 yen, on sale March 16.

Yojiya "Ohanahandakurimusetto

Hanahonoka Handojiru

Containing the moisturizing ingredient sericin, this alcohol gel disinfects while protecting the moisture of hand skin. After blending, you will be enveloped in a gorgeous fragrance. Although not a pharmaceutical or quasi-drug, it can be used as an alternative to rubbing ethanol for hand disinfection. Priced at 750 yen, the product goes on sale March 25.

Yojiya "Hanahonoka Handojiru

Hana Honoka Room Fureguransu

Just by placing it in a room, you can easily enjoy the fragrance of hana-honoka at any time. The simple and cute design blends easily into any room. Priced at 2,200 yen, it will go on sale in mid-April.

Yojiya "Hanahonoka Rumufureguransu

Four types of sweets inspired by the scent of Hana Honoka are available at Yojiya Café for a limited time only. These spring-like sweets not only look cute in pink, but also offer fresh fruits and a gorgeous rose fragrance.

Sweets inspired by the aroma of Yojiya Cafe "Hanahonoka