Steam Cream "Miffy's Birthday" and "Miffy's Lovely Face

Miffy's Birthday" and "Miffy's Lovely Face," two Miffy-designed moisturizing creams for the whole body, will be available in limited quantities from the Steam Cream brand on April 6. 75 g, 1,848 yen (tax included).

Miffy's Birthday

Designed around the theme of the picture book "miffy's birthday. On her birthday, Miffy is dressed up in a floral dress and presents a special design with the words "Happy Birthday".

Steam Cream "Miffy's Birthday"

Miffy's Lovely Face

The design depicts the face of Miffy, who gently watches over you with her dull eyes as you go about your day.

Steam Cream "Miffy's Lovely Face"

Steam Cream

Moisturizing cream for the whole body with 98.5% natural ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. The balance of natural ingredients and our unique steam emulsification process create a light and highly penetrating texture that supports the skin's natural power.

Oats, the raw material of steam cream, have been used since Roman times to moisturize and protect the skin. Extracts from the kernel and vegetable oils are carefully selected for their purpose. All products contain oats.

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