Humming Deodorant Real Feel Antibacterial Barrier Series" Deodorizing fabric softener with improved deodorizing power, for fresh and room-drying odors

Kao's "Humming" brand of fabric softener for clothes has launched the "Humming Deodorant Real Feel Antibacterial Barrier Series," which will go on sale on March 26.

Humming Deodorant Real Feel Antimicrobial Barrier Series

The "Humming Deodorant Real Feel Antimicrobial Barrier (*1) Series" is a new product with doubled (*2) ingredients to block fresh and room-drying odors, and increased deodorizing power. Humming's unique antimicrobial formula coats the entire garment or towel to block odor-causing bacteria. It is also said to have an antiviral effect (*3).

The lineup includes four fragrances (Rose Garden, Gentle Relaxing Soap, Refreshing Green, and Aquatic Fruit) so that you can enjoy your favorite fragrance while deodorizing. All scents are said to be effective in deodorizing fresh and room-drying odors.

The contents are 530 ml for the main product and 400 ml for the refill product; no suggested retail price will be set.

1: To impart antibacterial properties to clothes. It does not inhibit the growth of all bacteria.
2 Comparison of Hamming Deodorizing Feeling before improvement.
3 Reduces viruses attached to clothes. Not all viruses are reduced. The effect was verified using one type of envelope-type virus. Effect is demonstrated by repeated washing.