Turtle child sponge spring color Sakura & Violet

Introducing the Kamenoko Sponge "Spring New Color" released by Kamenoko Tawashi Nishio Shoten in March. Two types with impressive soft colors.

Turtle child sponge Spring new color

"Kamenoko Sponge" is a kitchen sponge made of "high quality polyurethane made in Japan" with a slightly coarse texture. Excellent drainage and foam drainage. Antibacterial and antifungal agents are kneaded in to enhance hygiene.

In addition to standard colors such as "white" and "gray", limited edition models are also available according to the season. This spring's limited edition model has a flower motif. The lineup includes "Sakura" with a transparent color and "Violet" with a light and elegant purple color. As a mark in the center of the package, "Sakura" is designed with cherry blossom petals, and "Violet" is designed with a single flower.

Turtle child sponge spring color Sakura & Violet

Turtle Sponge Spring Color Cherry & Violet
Good drainage and foam

A new spring color of Kamenoko Sponge with an impressive light color. Why not try it as an accent in the kitchen?

Turtle child sponge spring color Sakura & Violet

The price (tax included) is 330 yen each. It is available at Kamenoko Tsukiko stores, official online stores, general stores, and mail-order sites. Check out the previously introduced "Kamenoko Sponge Do " and " Kamenoko Wash ".