Anessa Perfect UV Skincare Milk N" MARVEL limited package

Sunscreen brand Anessa will release a limited quantity of Anessa Perfect UV Skincare Milk N in a limited design package on April 21, 2011, teaming up with the world's favorite MARVEL hero.

Anessa Perfect UV Skincare Milk N" MARVEL limited edition package

Under the theme of "UNLOCK YOUR POWER," Anessa, which encourages people to shine freely under the sun, and MARVEL's heroes, who are usually full of humanity, but who release their hidden power to shine as unique heroes, are working together to create the new "UNLOCK YOUR POWER" series. rdquo; collaborated. Anessa's original MARVEL Hero design is only available through this collaboration. Available in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and other Asian countries and regions.

Anessa Perfect UV Skincare Milk N" MARVEL limited package

In Japan, there are three types: "Spider-Man," "Hero Collective Design," and the Japan-exclusive "Black Widow. On the back of the "Hero Collective Design" package, there are two full-size designs of the small hero "Ant-Man". Since it is not visible from the outer package, you will have to wait until you open the package to find out which one is in it.

Anessa Perfect UV Skin Care Milk N" MARVEL limited package

Anessa Perfect UV Skin Care Milk N

Product functionality was renewed in 2022. The "Auto Booster Technology" that reacts to sweat, water, heat, and moisture in the air to strengthen the UV-blocking film has been adopted.

Moisturizing and skin-perfecting ingredients that prevent dryness and damage caused by UV rays and moisturize the skin. It has both a strong UV blocking effect (SPF50+, PA++++) and skin care effect. Pleasant fruity floral fragrance.

Resistant to chafing and mask steam, and feels smooth to the touch. It has a makeup base effect and gives clear, glowing skin. Colorant-free, non-comedogenic tested, allergy-tested (not everyone is acne-free or allergy-free). Can be removed with soap and water.

Ocean friendly formula that does not easily run off into the ocean (compared to other products in the company's product line that are not water resistant). Environmentally friendly sustainable bottle and bag made partially from plant-derived materials.

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