Etude "Play Color Eyes Mini Objects" in Japan-only colors "Sunflower Herbarium" and "Lavender Potpourri

On April 29, Etude will release "Sunflower Herbarium" and "Lavender Potpourri", Japan-only colors of the "Play Color Eyes Mini Objects" eyeshadow palette to decorate your daily life. The price is 1,980 yen (tax included).

Play Color Eyes Mini Objet Sunflower Herbarium

A sunflower herbarium that creates shimmering eyes with a gradation of different textures of gold lamé, glossy multicolor lamé, insert pearls and matte colors. The bright, sunny vitamin colors create a cheerful impression. The four colors are "Sunflower Bloom," "Coral Sparkling," "Midsummer Vitamins♪," and "Scorching Copper.

Etude "Play Color Eyes Mini Objet Sunflower Herbarium".

Play Color Eyes Mini Objects Lavender Potpourri

Lavender potpourri, with its fresh, shimmering texture and nuanced color, creates transparent, cool eyes. It creates a dignified and transparent impression with a shimmering sheen that shines like light shining through glass. Four colors are available: "Lucent Lavender," "Glass Slanting Light," "Sensual Lavender," and "Pretty Burgundy.

Etude "Play Color Eyes Mini Objects Lavender Potpourri".

The vitamin colors of brightly blooming sunflowers and the nuanced colors of cool lavenders. Just like decorating a room with seasonal flowers, why not bring a touch of summer to your eye makeup with the limited-edition colors of mini objet d'art?