Nitori's organic cotton series

Nitori's "Bedding" and "Rugs" made of natural materials are introduced here.

Nitori Natural Material Bedding

Last year, the natural material bedding series was very popular, selling more than 1.6 million sheets in total. This year, the lineup has been expanded even further, with a wide variety of 8 types of materials to choose from.

Nitori's natural bedding
Subject to mattress pad, underquilt, and pillow pad

Organic Cotton Series

Organic cotton is cotton grown in soil from fields where no chemical agents have been used for more than three years. The softness of cotton on the skin invites comfortable sleep. It is environmentally friendly and perfect for those who seek 100% cotton. Available in two colors, beige and gray, the set can be stylishly coordinated with a complete set of bedding.

Nitori's organic cotton series

Elasticized mattress pad, single size: from 1,990 yen
Under-bed comforter, single size: from 2,990 yen
Towel ket, single size: from 2,990 yen
Pillow pads: 599 yen

Nitori Natural material rugs

Bamboo rug press series

Bamboo, with its high thermal conductivity, is a naturally cool material. Bamboo is a naturally cool material. Pressed flat bamboo material makes it easier to touch the skin, increasing the cool feeling. This year, the thickness has been increased from last year's 0 mm to 5 mm to provide more cushioning. It is a comfortable specification even if you are lying around on the floor.

Nitori Bamboo Rug Press Series

Bamboo rug (press n) 120cm x 180cm, from 3,990 yen
Other sizes available: 180cm x 180cm, 180cm x 240cm, 180cm x 280cm

Igusa rug Hoku series

Igusa" absorbs moisture and maintains comfortable humidity in a room. The gentle texture is comfortable and the 10mm urethane backside relaxes the body. The cross section contains a lot of air, so it feels cool even in summer. Since it can be folded, you can use it according to your lifestyle, spreading it out only when you want to use it, or storing it in a closet in the fall and winter.

Nitori's rush grass rug Hoku series

Rush rug (Hoku n 120cm x 180cm): from 3,990 yen
Other sizes available: 180cm x 180cm, 180cm x 240cm, 240cm x 240cm

Natural material series may not be available at all stores. For details, check Nitori Net and Nitori Appli for handling information at each store.