Tully's Coffee Casserini collaboration items

On May 20, Tully's Coffee will release items in collaboration with the apparel brand "Casselini". Some stores may not carry this item.

TULLY'S COFFEE Casselini collaboration items

This item is a collaboration original design based on Casselini's pop fruit pattern. The items feature eye-catching bright colors and gorgeous fruit patterns that will make you feel happy just by carrying them around.

Fruit Pouch & ECO Bag (Watermelon)

This set includes a pouch with a unique design that looks like a watermelon cut into pieces and a simple eco bag. Watermelon seeds are represented by embroidery. The price is 2,585 yen (tax included, same as below).

Tully's x Casselini "Fruit Pouch & ECO Bag (Watermelon)

One-push stainless steel bottle (fruit)

This easy-to-use one-push stainless steel bottle is designed in the image of a fruit candy package. This colorful design is perfect to carry with you on your early summer outings. Price: 3,300 yen.

Tully's x Casselini "One Push Stainless Steel Bottle (Fruit)

Flat pouch (fruit)

A flat pouch with a fun combination of coffee and fruit. With a pocket inside, it is also highly functional. Price: 1,430 yen.

Tully's x Casselini "Flat Pouch (Fruit)

Fruit Pouch & ECO Bag (Citrus)

A set of citrus-inspired pouches and a simple eco-bag. It is recommended to carry the pouch attached to the eco bag. Price: 2,585 yen.

Tully's x Casselini "Fruit Pouch & ECO Bag (Citrus)