L'Occitane "Verbena Eye Theta Orette".

L'Occitane's "Verbena" series, with its refreshing herbal fragrance loved by all, is now selling a limited quantity of "Verbena Icy Taoretsu" body sheets that can be easily used during the sweaty season. It is available at stores nationwide and on the official mail order site.

Verbena Icy Taoretsu

Verbena, a popular summer fragrance series, has a refreshing citrusy herbal scent reminiscent of lemon. From this series comes a renewed body sheet that can be easily refreshed with a quick wipe when you are worried about stickiness.

The new towel material is soft and comfortable to wipe on. The body sheet, with an increased amount of cooling ingredients, instantly resets sticky skin with a refreshing sensation as if you had a cold shower. The silky smooth skin and refreshing verbena fragrance will make you feel comfortable even in the hot and humid season.

L'Occitane "Verbena Eye Theta Orette".

Prices including tax are as follows The lineup also includes a kit containing three sets of Taolettes and a special kit that includes a mist and UV protection.

Verbena Icy Taolets 15 sheets x 1,100 yen
Verbena Eye Theta OLETS Trio 15 sheets x 3 2,970 yen
Verbena Refreshing Duo (Mist & Towelettes) 3,520 yen
Verbena Summer Portable (UV cut & Towelettes) 3,080 yen