A skincare promotion "BE SKIN-DELICIOUS! (BE SKIN-DELICIOUS!)" is being held at PLAZA and MINiPLA stores nationwide from May 13 to June 2.


In this season when UV rays are getting stronger day by day, and people are worried about skin irritation due to the prolonged mask lifestyle, PLAZA is holding a promotion "BE SKIN-DELICIOUS! (BE SKIN-DELICIOUS!)" promotion. The lineup includes moisturizing items for sensitive and irritated skin, as well as items that focus on pores and keratin.


Among them, be sure to check out the limited items available only at PLAZA and MINiPLA. From the popular Korean skincare brand VT, the highly anticipated new product "Shika No-Sebum Mild Powder" (750 yen) is now available exclusively at PLAZA and MINiPLA. It is excellent for use on the T-zone, where shine is a concern, as well as on sweaty bangs and body. We also recommend smoothing it around the mouth as an anti-mask measure after applying lipstick.

Present your PLAZA PASS with this membership registration at checkout to receive a "VT Sika Mild Toner Pad (1 sheet)". Eligible stores are PLAZA, MINiPLA, and PLAZA OUTLET nationwide.

VT Deer Mild Toner Pads (1 pc.)

One present per account.
The present will be limited in quantity and will end as soon as it is gone.
The present will be a sample.
Those who join on the day of the event are also eligible for the gift.
If you do not present your registered PLAZA PASS (card or app), you will not be eligible for the gift.