Yamazaki Jitsugyo new product "Sink Door Kitchen Paper Holder Tower

New products from Yamazaki Jitsugyo are "Sink Door Kitchen Paper Holder Tower," "Under Shelf Dryer Holder Tower," and "Magnetic Umbrella Holder Tower with Tray.

Sink Door Kitchen Paper Holder Tower

The "Sink Door Kitchen Paper Holder Tower" is a kitchen paper holder that can be adjusted in height to accommodate various sizes. Since it is dual-use, it can be used in either the left or right direction for rolling paper rolls. It can be easily used by simply hanging it on the door, or it can be installed inside the door.

Yamazaki Jitsugyo new product "Sink Door Kitchen Paper Holder Tower

Under-the-shelf Dryer Holder Tower

The "Under the Shelf Dryer Holder Tower" is a dryer holder that can be attached to the shelf above the washing machine for storage. Simply insert the dryer from the front for easy storage. The cords can also be neatly organized.

Yamazaki Jitsugyo "Under-the-shelf hair dryer holder tower

Magnetic Umbrella Holder with Tray Tower

The "Magnetic Umbrella Holder Tower with Tray" is an item that easily attaches umbrellas and folding umbrellas to steel entrance doors with magnets. Hats and other small items can be quickly and easily prepared when you go out. The tray is also convenient for storing personal seals and sterilization goods.

Yamazaki Jitsugyo "Magnetic Umbrella Holder Tower with Tray