g.u. "Chiikawa" collaboration collection

A collaboration collection with the popular character "Chiika" has been on sale at g.u. stores nationwide and online since June 17.

g.u. "Chiikawa" collaboration collection

The popular character "Chiikawa" collection is now available for the first time. In addition to items featuring familiar characters such as Chiikawa, Hachiware, and Usagi, there will be a lineup of special designs drawn especially for this collection, which are only available through this collaboration.

g.u. "Chiikawa" collaboration collection

The concept of this year's collection is "If Pochette's Armor created a fashion brand. The "Pochette Armor-san" who appears in the story of Chiikawa likes to make things by hand. Based on the concept of "what if Mr. Pochette's armor made a fashion brand?

g.u. "Chiikawa" collaboration collection

The T-shirt collection, which mainly features handmade embroidery, is designed to link women's items with children's and baby items. Parent-child link coordination can also be enjoyed. In addition to clothing, there is a wide selection of loungewear that lets you become the little kids, mini wallets with cute faces designed as they are, and accessories that can be used to accent your outfits.

g.u. "Chiikawa" collaboration collection

g.u. "Chiikawa" collaboration collection

[Collection Overview
Sales period: From June 17, 2022
Sales outlets: g.u. stores nationwide and online stores
Number of products: Women's collection: 8 models (1 of which will be sold exclusively at online stores and some other stores); Goods collection: 2 models; Kids collection: 6 models and baby collection: 3 models (sold exclusively at online stores and some other stores)
Price range: 990 yen - 2,990 yen

(C)nagano / chiikawa committee