LOFT COOL STYLE" is being held at LOFT stores nationwide and at LOFT net store until September 4. Here are some of the cool items that will help you stay cool and save electricity.


REDTAB Far-Infrared Carbonated Bath: Japanese Mint Fragrance

Contains Hakka oil (a natural cooling ingredient). The six-tablet package is priced at 1,100 yen (tax included, same as below).

REDTAB Far-infrared carbonic acid bath, Japanese Hakka scent

Sweet Maison Frozen Bath

A menthol-based (refreshing agent) bath salt with a lovely chocolate mint appearance. Two types in total, 230 g (for about 8 uses), 1,320 yen.

Sweet Maison Frozen Bath


A medicated bath salt developed based on research into Beppu's "yunohana" (hot spring flowers). A summer-only refreshing light mint scent. 60g (2.12oz), 242 yen. Quasi-drug.

Yuyaku Seika

Pore Nadeko Pore Hide and Seek Cotton

When sprayed onto the palm of the hand, the snow-like powder hardens like a cold cotton ball. Recommended for use before summer makeup, etc. Scheduled to go on sale in late June. Price: 1,540 yen.

Pore Natsuko Pore Hide and Seek Cotton

My Kirei Diary Hawaiian Cool Mint Mask

A cool type with a tropical fragrance from the popular face mask series is now available only for the summer season. 734 yen.

My Clean Diary Hawaiian Cool Mint Mask

Skews Me Dry Shower

A rinse-free spray-type dry shower for sticky hair, scalp, and body. Contains menthol (cooling agent). Available in Crystal Bouquet and Refresh Savon. Price: 1,430 yen.

Scuse Me Dry Shower

FERNANDA Fragrance Cool Gel Stick

A roll-on type cologne that gives a cool feeling even at room temperature. Compact and easy to carry. Price: 1,540 yen.

FERNANDA Fragrance Cool Gel Stick

Glamorous Pats Cold Shape

Compression summer leggings with a cool-to-the-touch feel. UPF 30, UV protection rate of 97.1%. 2 sizes available: M-L and L-LL. Price: 4,381 yen.

Glamorous Pats Cold Shape

Friends Hill Cool Cool Series

Cooling type loungewear and blankets. The clothes are one size fits all.

Friends Hill Cooling series

Cool T-shirt: ¥3,080
cool half pants 3,080 yen
cool dress (¥3,850)
Keep cool blanket (70cm×100cm): JPY 2,200

Friends Hill Cooling series