Savon "Mango Kiwi Collection

SABON will launch its popular annual limited edition "Mango Kiwi Collection" on July 1.

Mango Kiwi Collection

The lineup includes a total of eight items ranging from body care items to home fragrances. You can enjoy the tropical harmony of soft, ripe, mellow mangoes and juicy, sweet and sour kiwis.

Savon "Mango Kiwi Collection

Shower Oil Mango Kiwi

Body soap formulated with four botanical oils to gently remove perspiration and dirt from pores while protecting the skin. 500mL 3,740 yen / 300mL 2,750 yen (tax included, same prices below).

Savon "Shower Oil Mango Kiwi

Body Scrub Mango/Kiwi

A body scrub with a salt-in-oil formula that leads to smooth and silky skin. A representative item of SABON that gently removes unwanted dead skin cells while moisturizing and leading to clear skin. 600g (21.16oz) 5,390 yen / 320g (11.29oz) 3,740 yen.

Sabon "Body Scrub Mango Kiwi

Body Joule Mango/Kiwi

Moisturizing gel for the body with a fresh, melting jelly that moisturizes the skin and envelops it in a sweet, refreshing fragrance. Containing aloe vera extract and avocado oil, it delivers moisture to skin prone to dryness damage caused by air conditioning. 200mL, 4,620 yen.

Sabon "Body Joule Mango Kiwi

Body Lotion Mango Kiwi

A smooth body lotion with a well-balanced blend of seven botanical oils, including avocado oil. 200mL, 3,850 yen.

Sabon "Body Lotion Mango Kiwi

Silky Body Milk Mango/Kiwi

A body cream that covers the skin with silky, high quality moisture. Organic oats milk moisturizes and conditions the skin, while almond oil moisturizes and leads to soft and supple skin. 200mL, 4,180 yen.

Savon "Silky Body Milk Mango/Kiwi

Hand Soap Mango/Kiwi

This hand soap gently envelops the hands with a fine lather to comfortably wash them. Natural coconut-derived cleansing ingredients remove dirt and impurities, while moisture-retaining, naturally derived ingredients keep hands moist. 200mL, 2,200 yen.

SABON "Hand Soap Mango/Kiwi

Hand Cream Mango Kiwi

Shea butter locks moisture into the skin, and the hand cream covers the skin with a sweet and refreshing fragrance and light moisture. The smooth texture spreads easily and leaves your hands feeling refreshed after a long time. Available in pump type for convenient use at home or office, and tube type for easy carrying. 200mL 2,530 yen / 30mL 1,540 yen.

Savon "Hand Cream Mango Kiwi

Aroma Mango Kiwi

A home fragrance that envelops you in a tropical scent. The fragrance changes as time goes by, giving various impressions depending on the size of the room. The fragrance can be adjusted according to the number of sticks. 250mL, 5,610 yen.

Savon "Aroma Mango Kiwi