Duskin "Kitchen Sponge Soft Type

Duskin will release a new type of its long-selling product, "Kitchen Sponge Soft Type," on July 11.

Kitchen Sponge Soft


Duskin's "Kitchen Sponge" was launched in 1982 and has been a long-selling product for 40 years. It has been well received by many customers for its "durability and long-lasting durability," "good drainage of water and lather," and "can wash a lot of dishes with a little detergent.

The conventional "Hard Type" (former product name: Kitchen Sponge Antibacterial Type) is characterized by its highly abrasive effect, with a layer of non-woven fabric containing abrasive material to scrub away stubborn dirt. On the other hand, with changes in lifestyles, the use of plastic and fluoroplastic-coated tableware has increased, leading to the development of the non-abrasive soft type.

Duskin "Kitchen Sponge Hard Type
Hard type

The soft type is durable and long-lasting, and has the same characteristics as conventional products, such as long-lasting foam and good foam rinsing. The urethane layer uses antibacterial components to prevent the growth of bacteria (not effective against all bacteria).

Duskin "Kitchen Sponge Soft Type" and "Kitchen Sponge Hard Type

The sponge is resistant to wear and tear, even when scrubbed vigorously. By sandwiching a soft sponge between a urethane layer (surface) and a compressed urethane layer (back) and pasting them together, the middle layer stretches well and the sponge is resistant to tearing.

Kitchen Sponge Soft Type Product Outline]
Product Name: Kitchen Sponge Soft Type (3-color set/1pc)
Sales Area: Nationwide
Sales Launch: July 11, 2022
Standard Price: 3-color set 630 yen (including tax)/1pc 220 yen (including tax)
Color: Light gray/beige/pink
Size: Approx. 6.5& times;12.5×3.2cm
Material: Urethane foam (with inorganic antimicrobial agent)* Not effective against all bacteria.