Aeon Super! Natsu Summer Festival

Aeon, Aeon Style, and about 350 other stores and online stores will hold the "Aeon Super! Natsu Summer Festival" will be held from July 15.

Aeon Super! Natsu Summer Festival

The "Natsu Summer Festival" will be held from July 15 at about 350 Aeon stores, including Aeon Style stores, and online shops, offering "products you want now" at discounts of up to 4 yen off the market or regular sales prices. As part of the "Japanese Black Wagyu Beef 798 yen Flat Sale," Japanese Black Wagyu beef for roast or steak will be sold at approximately 2 yen off the regular selling price.

Aeon's Japanese black beef 798 yen flat

As part of the "ESEEME One-Piece 2,000 yen Flat Sale," one-piece dresses with a particular silhouette will be offered at a discount of approximately 3,000 yen off the regular selling price. In addition, the "Anelo Grande Aeon Limited 3-Piece Set", an Aeon-only set project in collaboration with the popular bag brand "Anelo Grande", will be on sale.

Eseem One-piece

Aeon "Anero Grande Aeon Limited 3-Piece Set"
Anero Grande Aeon Limited 3-Piece Set

Responding to the growing demand for yukata as fireworks festivals and summer festivals resume, we are expanding our yukata lineup in stores. As a recommendation to Generation Z, who enjoy coordinating their yukata in a variety of ways, we are expanding our lineup of set yukata, which allow customers to freely combine yukata, obi, and geta.

Yukata, Obi and Geta in Aeon

Trendy swimwear, smart home appliances, and outdoor goods are also offered at reasonable prices.

Aeon Trend Swimwear

Pudding supervised by popular video creator Hajime Shacho and "summer festival sweets" limited to AEON are newly available. The lineup includes "Tart like a Yo-Yo" and "Takoyaki Puff".

Ion "tart like a yo-yo"

Available at stores in Kanto, Hokuriku-Shinetsu, Tokai, Kinki, and Chugoku-Shikoku areas. The product lineup differs depending on the store.