Post Office "Minion" goods

Minion" merchandise will go on sale at approximately 2,500 post offices and post office online stores nationwide on July 15. Sales at post office online stores will begin at 0:15 a.m. on the same day.

Post Office

"Minion" goods

In conjunction with the release of the latest Illumination Studio film "Minions Fever," five items featuring the "Minions" are on sale: a bankbook case in two designs, a one-push seal case, a three-zip pouch, and a mini eco-bag. The five items are as follows


vinyl passbook case with pockets for two passbooks and four cards. Passbook Case A is horizontal and Passbook Case B is vertical. Size A: approx. W160 x H200 mm (when facing out), B: approx. W200 x H160 mm (when facing in). Each is priced at 560 yen (tax included, same as below).

Post Office "Minion" Goods Passbook Case


Inkan Case This inkan case with red ink pad can be opened by pressing the blue button on the front. It can hold any personal seal you have on hand. The main unit measures approximately W90 x H20 x D65 mm and is priced at 770 yen.

Post Office "Minion" goods one-push seal case

Three Zip P

ouch Flat type zip pouch. With three pockets, it is useful not only for everyday use, but also for organizing small items when traveling. The main body measures approx. W210 x H155 mm. 870 yen.

Post Office "Minion" merchandise three-zip pouch


Eco Bag A drawstring type eco bag with pull-out handles. The mini size is convenient for small shopping trips. The size of the bag is approximately W260 x H160 mm. The main body measures approximately W260 x H320 x D130 mm, and is priced at 880 yen.

Post Office "Minion" merchandise mini eco-bags

The price is 880 yen.
The product is available at the post office online store.
This product is manufactured by LEGS, Inc. based on an agreement with Universal Studios Licensing LLC (Universal Studios Licensing LLC).