Nitori "Curtain Collection Campaign

Nitori will hold a "Curtain Collection Campaign" from August 8 to September 18. The campaign will be conducted at 563 Nitori, Nitori EXPRESS, and Shimachu stores nationwide (Decohome will not be participating).

Curtain Collection Campaign

Nitori is promoting a campaign to collect curtains and curtains from the public under the slogan, "They are limited resources. Instead of throwing them away, choose to reuse and recycle them. The campaign was held from May 9 to June 5, 2012, and approximately 47,000 people participated, collecting a total of approximately 170 tons of curtains. This time, the second phase of the campaign was held from August 8 to September 18.

Curtains no longer needed at home were collected free of charge at stores, regardless of the seller or condition. The curtains will be reused overseas as products and fabrics, and recycled in Japan as sound-absorbing materials for automobiles.

Curtain hooks must be removed prior to collection.
Blinds, roll screens, curtain rails, etc. are not eligible.

Bring your unwanted curtains to Nitori, Nitori EXPRESS, or Shimachu and ask an employee. You will receive 300 Nitori points within 3 weeks of the procedure. The point gift is limited to once. You can bring in your curtains as many times as you like.

Those who cooperate with the curtain collection campaign and meet the following conditions will receive additional Nitori points during the period covered (July 11 to September 18). The period of eligibility is from July 11 to September 18 so that curtains can be purchased before the collection campaign and collected when the ordered items are picked up at the store at a later date.

Purchasers who purchase curtains at Nitori for 5,500 yen or more (tax included)
Newly registered members of Nitori Appli

Nitori "Curtain Collection Campaign