uniball one F: White sand, broom star, bamboo flute, mirage, evening moonlit night

Mitsubishi Pencil's uniball one F will be available on July 19 in five relaxing colors reminiscent of summer scenery. Limited quantities.

uni-ball one F

uni-ball one F" features thematic colors and a stable writing feel with a low center of gravity. The material used for the back and tip of the pen is the same, and the smooth design minimizes bumps and unevenness. By lengthening the tip, the streamlined line to the tip becomes smoother, giving the overall impression of a clean and neat pen.

uni-ball one F

The nib, which holds the refill, is made of metal with improved dimensional precision, resulting in a low center of gravity and a stable, smoother writing feel. The nib is suitable not only for studying and note-taking, but also for writing in a diary, as it allows for stable and smooth writing with light force.

uni-ball one F

The newly released axis color is a relaxing summer color based on a dull color. In response to the recent increase in awareness of healing and peace of mind, the new color is a faded color that evokes the passage of time and expresses an unassuming summer scene. The name of the axis color is also adopted from a natural landscape with a summer air.

White sand

This axis color expresses the white sands of a beautiful seashore in early summer.

uni-ball one F White sand

Broom star

Axis color that expresses the lingering afterglow of a shooting star disappearing in the sky in an instant.

uni-ball one F broomstick star

Bamboo flute

The axis color represents bamboo leaves fluttering in the cool breeze amidst the murmuring of the river.

uni-ball one F Sasafue


The axis color represents a mirage that appears at dusk in summer.

uni-ball one F (uni-ball one F) mirage

Evening moonlit night

The axis color expresses the evening sky of summer with the moon in the sky.

uni-ball one F, evening moonlit night

Product Outline
Product name: uni-ball one F
Item name: UMN-SF-38
Ink colors: White sand (F ecru), Broom star (F seafog), Sasabue (F khaki)
Ink color: black
Ball diameter: 0.38mm
Reference price: 330 yen per pen (tax included)

Product name: uni-ball one F
Item name: UMN-SF-05
Color: Mirage (F beige), Evening moonlit night (F lilac)
Ink color: black
Ball diameter: 0.5mm
Reference price: 330 yen per pen (tax included)