Basclin Gokumin no Yu

On August 8, BASKLIN will release a hot spring-type bath salt, "BASKLIN Gokumi-no-yu". It has a capacity of 600 g (for approximately 12 uses/50 g per use) and is open to the public.

Basclin Gokumi-no-yu

Expectations for bath salts have changed in recent years, with rising needs for "for the whole family," "feels like a hot spring," and "feels good in hot water" (company survey of 2,000 men and women aged 15 to 69). The new "Buskurin Gokuminoyu" is a hot spring-type bath salt developed by the "Japan's Famous Hot Springs" search team, which has extensive knowledge of famous hot springs throughout Japan, to achieve the ideal comfort of hot water.

Basclin Gokumin no Yu

The "Nihon no Meiyu" search team is a team that develops "Nihon no Meiyu" by visiting famous hot springs all over Japan and experiencing and analyzing the local history, culture, landscape, and spring quality. Their knowledge is used not only for "Nihon no Mei-yu" but also for the development of various bath salts such as "Kiki-yu".

Vasclin "Famous Hot Springs of Japan" Search Team

Premium specification with a rich texture. Environmentally friendly paper package. This product is not a reproduction of hot spring water.

Heart-filling floral fragrance

The active ingredients are 100% hot spring minerals (sodium bicarbonate and dried sodium sulfate). Smooth and rich feeling of the water keeps you moist even after bathing.

Basclin Gokumin no Yu

Calming forest fragrance

The active ingredients are 100% hot spring minerals (dried sodium sulfate and Mg sulfate). The water feels smooth and thick, and the warmth of the water continues after bathing.

Basclin Gokumin no Yu