Humming Flair Fragrance

Kao will launch a new flair fragrance as "Humming Flair Fragrance" on August 27. The product is available in 520 ml for the main body and 380 ml, 950 ml, and 1,800 ml for refills.

Humming Flair Fragrance

The brand name "Humming Flair Fragrance" will be changed to "Humming Flair Fragrance" while maintaining the same fragrance image and scent tone as the existing "Flair Fragrance" brand. Humming Flair Fragrance is a fabric softener that proposes "fragrances that make you feel comfortable. It uses a new fragrance technology called "Mineral Aroma" to create a natural, soft fragrance that lasts for 12 hours. While wearing clothes, you can enjoy "my own fragrance" that envelops and softly scents only you without spreading too much.

Prevents static electricity and wash wrinkles. It is also said to have antibacterial and deodorizing effects (it does not inhibit the growth of all bacteria).

White bouquet fragrance

A graceful floral bouquet of jasmine, rose, and other flowers, and a fresh, gentle musk and amber scent.

Flower Harmony fragrance

A fruity fragrance of green apple, pear, and peach with the freshness of citrus and green, wrapped in a floral scent.

Charming Bouquet Fragrance (new fragrance)

A clean, white floral scent of gentle peony and muguet with fresh greens and fruity sweetness.

Floral Sweet Fragrance

A scent of rose with depth like layers of petals, with the freshness of white peach and raspberry added.

Rich floral fragrance

An elegant and graceful fragrance that blends gentle and gorgeous apple and raspberry florals with dense and deep woody and musk notes.