Seasonal Paper Collection" Original Stationery Vol. 3

The third edition of original stationery from Seasonal Paper Collection, a very popular stationery brand in Paris, is now available.

Seasonal Paper Collection

Season Paper Collection is a stationery brand created by Julie Costas and Melissa Le Vagerez, two Parisiennes. The notebooks and paper goods produced in their atelier in the suburbs of Paris are all based on hand-drawn illustrations. Their delicate, romantic, yet playful designs have quickly won the hearts of Parisiennes and have become a hot topic of conversation at select stores and general merchandise stores throughout France.

Daily Notebook

A notebook of the perfect size for daily use. A wide variety of designs are available, including floral and sundry designs. All pages can be labeled with dates and headings, so they can be used not only for work and study, but also as a casual diary. It is recommended to have several notebooks with different patterns for each theme.

Seasonal Paper Collection" Original Stationery Vol. 3

Format:A5 size
Size: 210 x 141mm / Thickness 4mm
Pages: 64 pages
Binding: Ruled lines (6mm wide) / Rounded corners / Made in France
Price: 1,100 yen + tax

Journal notebook

This notebook comes in three types of paper and three different designs: beige paper with ruled lines (printed on one side), white paper with square lines, and plain pink paper. It can be used not only as an idea notebook or diary, but also as a travel diary, childcare diary, recipe notebook, collage notebook, etc. You can collect and customize your own favorites.

Seasonal Paper Collection" Original Stationery Vol. 3

Format : B5 size
Size: 240 x 160mm / Thickness: 9mm
Pages: 128 pages
Binding: 64 pages: ruled (6mm width) *Only the front side is ruled, the back side is plain / 32 pages: square (4mm square) / 32 pages: plain / cover with flap (fold over) / foil stamping / made in France
Price: 2,000 yen + tax

Notebook Pad

Mini-sized notepads with illustrations in Parisian colors and simple ruled lines, each sheet can be detached and used for various purposes such as to-do lists, shopping notes, or a single stroke of a pen. Total 15 patterns.

Seasonal Paper Collection" Original Stationery Vol. 3

Size: 180 x 100mm / 10mm thick
Pages: 75Pages
Binding: Ruled line (6mm width) / Full color printing on one side / Detachable / Made in France
Price: 950 yen + tax