Kaze no Torimichi Series Embroidery Mesh Pouch

The "Kaze no Torimichi Series" has been on sale at Donguri Kyokai (Donguri Republic) since August 11. Also available at the online store Sora no Ue.

The Path of the Wind Series

This new product series is based on the theme of light, windy scenes from the four films "Laputa: Castle in the Sky," "My Neighbor Totoro," "The Witch's Delivery Service," and "Howl's Moving Castle. These cool and summery items are based on scenes of Totoro flying through the night sky on a frame, or flying on a broom like Kiki the Witch and looking down on the city with seagulls.

Kaze no Torimichi series sun catchers

This suncatcher is designed in a stained glass style with scenes of characters feeling the wind. You can feel the light and wind while looking at a scene from the work. When displayed on a window sill, it shimmers and gently brings light into the room. Priced at 4,400 yen each (tax included, same as below). Size: W125 x H280 x D27 (mm).

Wind Path series sun catcher

Kaze no Torimichi Series Embroidery Mesh Pouch

An airy and cool pouch covered with mesh material. The mesh fabric is embroidered with a part of a motif or a title of a work. The pouch is convenient for storing things you do not want to show in the inside pocket and things you do want to show through the mesh. Priced at 2,750 yen each. Size: W190 x H125 x D60 (mm).

Kaze no Torimichi Series Embroidery Mesh Pouch

Kaze no Torimichi Series Handkerchief

A thin, cool handkerchief. The design features the same scene as the sun catcher in the lower right corner, with icons around it that convey the world view and storyline scattered in a circle. Priced at 1,210 yen each. Size: W450 x H450 (mm).

Wind Path Series Handkerchief