Post Office "Snoopy" goods, "PEANUTS SUMMER VACATIONS Original Frame Stamp Set".

Snoopy" goods and "PEANUTS SUMMER VACATIONS Original Framed Stamp Set", available exclusively at post offices, will go on sale on August 19 from the Post Office Product Sales Service. Sales will begin at 0:15 a.m. on the same day at the post office's online store.

Post Office "Snoopy" Goods

Handled at about 6,000 post offices and post office online stores nationwide.

Tote bag

This tote bag has two pockets on the inside and right side. It is convenient to use as it has an inner lining and stands on its own. The inside pocket has a cute woven label. The main body measures approximately H200 x W210 x D110 mm, and the material is polyester. The price is 1,650 yen (tax included, same as below).

Post Office "Snoopy" tote bag

Shikakukai Pouch

Square flat type pouch. It is convenient for carrying small items such as makeup, chargers, etc. when you go out. The inside fabric has a cute all-over pattern design. The main body measures approximately H140 x W140 x D15 mm and is made of polyester. The price is 900 yen.

Post Office "Snoopy" Shikakui Pouch

Memo in a can

The stylish combination of dull pink and brown tin contains 100 sheets of memos. After you have finished using the memo, we recommend using it to hold desk supplies such as paper clips and rubber bands. The can measures approx. H80 x W80 x 28 mm thick, and the memo is approx. H70 x W70 mm. 770 yen.

Post Office "Snoopy" memo in a can

Memo Stand

A cute memo stand featuring Snoopy gazing at a letter from "that special child". The gentle coloring makes it a stylish interior design. The size is approximately H120 x W55 x D55 mm, and the price is 1,320 yen.

Post Office "Snoopy" memo stand


This set of framed postage stamps depicts the happy memories of Charlie Brown and his friends during their summer vacation. When the framed stamps are placed in the light blue bus-shaped case, the characters peek out of the bus window to enjoy their time together. The stylish matte die-cut stickers include one sheet each of five different designs.

Post Office "PEANUTS SUMMER VACATIONS Original Frame Stamp Set

Contents: 1 sheet of frame stamps (5 sheets of 63 yen stamps (sticker type)), 1 bus-shaped case, and 1 die-cut sticker (5 types) each. The price is 1,450 yen. Available at approximately 1,000 post offices and post office online stores nationwide.

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