SABON "Rose Face Care Line

On August 25, SABON will launch its "Rose Face Care Line" that leads to happy skin with pure rose and Dead Sea minerals.

Rose Face Care Line

The Rose Face Care Line is a minimalistic and multifunctional lineup that concentrates the precious natural blessings that symbolize the Mediterranean Sea. The line includes Rose Steam, Rose Water in Oil, Rose Serum in Oil, and Rose Soft Cream.

SABON "Rose Face Care Line".

Rose Steam

This facial steam is inspired by the ancient Mediterranean tradition of "steam beauty. Carefully harvested organic damask rose petals are dried and blended with mineral-rich Dead Sea salt. Put two spoonfuls (about 10g (0.35oz)) in a bowl and pour boiling water to release the rich scent of damask rose along with the warm steam.

SABON "Rose Steam

The warm steam on the skin opens pores and lifts dirt and blackheads deep inside the pores that cannot be removed by cleansing or washing the face. The skin is then moisturized and smoothed, allowing subsequent products to be blended more easily and makeup to be applied more smoothly. Suitable for all skin types and can be used once a week or every day on clean skin after cleansing. 60g (2.12oz), 3,960 yen (tax included, same as below). Wooden spoon included.

Rose Water in Oil

A two-layer mist lotion blended with mineral-rich Dead Sea salt, organic damask rose water, three botanical oils, and organic aloe vera. The delicate mist envelops the skin, moisturizing and glowing. Suitable for all skin types, it is recommended for use after cleansing morning and evening, before makeup, and during the day when dryness is a concern.

SABON "Rose Water in Oil

ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC / COSMEBIO certified. Vegan formula with 99% natural ingredients and 46% organic ingredients. Fragrance-free, colorant-free, mineral oil- and silicone-free formula. 150mL, 6,600 yen.

Rose Serum in Oil

A beauty oil blended with precious damask rose oil, from which only a few drops are said to be extracted from a basketful of roses, and eight botanical oils. It easily absorbs into the skin, moisturizing it and keeping it healthy. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used morning and evening after toner or as a booster before toner. Fresh and delicate floral marine scent.

SABON "Rose Serum in Oil".

ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC / COSMEBIO certified. Vegan formula with 100% natural ingredients and 38% organic ingredients. Colorless, mineral oil and silicone-free formula. 50mL, 12,100 yen.

Rose Soft Cream

Moisturizing cream richly blended with precious damask rose distilled water and essential oil, Dead Sea salt, and three botanical oils. It envelops the skin in moisture and leaves it with a soft texture. The naturally-derived light reflector formula beautifully reflects light to give a fine sheen and brighten dull skin. It can be blended not only on the face but also on the neck and décolleté to create a natural three-dimensional effect.

SABON "Rose Soft Cream

ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC / COSMEBIO certified. Contains 99% natural ingredients, 23% organic ingredients, vegan formula. Mineral oil and silicone-free formula. 80mL, 12,100 yen.

Rose Face Care 4 Step Complete Kit and Face Care Kit are also available.