Jointly planned product by Disney Store and "Cup Noodles

The Disney Store and Nissin Foods' long-selling brand "Cup Noodles" have jointly planned a collection. It will be available at Disney Flagship Tokyo, Disney Store stores, and the official Disney online store shopDisney from September 9.

The first series of

jointly planned products by Disney Store and Cup Noodles

will go on sale on September 9, and the second series will go on sale sequentially from September 23. The Disney designed Cup Noodles and many other playful items will be available under the theme of "Make the 3 minutes you spend waiting fun.

Jointly planned product by Disney Store and "Cup Noodles

The "Cup Noodle Set" comes in an original can case and includes three different flavors, making it ideal for both personal enjoyment and as a gift. The "Cup Noodle Stopper with Hourglass" from the same collection holds down the lid of a cup of hot water-filled Cup Noodle and allows you to measure the three minutes it takes to finish.

Jointly planned product by Disney Store and "Cup Noodles

Fashion items such as a stuffed animal wearing a costume in matching colors to the package, a jersey featuring Mickey Mouse doing exercise, and a short-sleeved T-shirt are also available. While wearing these items, we recommend that you enjoy spending the three minutes until the cup noodles are ready while exercising like Mickey Mouse and his friends. Other items include mobile rings, pouches, and other items full of attention to detail that can be used for more than just eating.

Jointly planned product by Disney Store and "Cup Noodles

From the popular TSUM TSUM series, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy appear wearing costumes in colors inspired by Cup Noodles. The set includes a plush toy and a package featuring a Cup Noodle motif, and the design makes it easy to get a set of all three to share with family and friends. Each set is priced at 1,980 yen.

TSUM TSUM plush toys

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