Steam Cream "Peeping Miffy" and "Greeting Miffy

Steam Cream will release Miffy-designed moisturizing creams for the whole body "PEEPING MIFFY" and "GREETING MIFFY" on October 12. 75 g, 1,980 yen (tax included).

Two new Miffy designs from Steam Cream, featuring playful and unique scenes, are now available. Both are vivid designs with calculated Bruna colors that complement each other.


PEEPING MIFFY," which peeks out from the wall, is a clear bicolor design in Bruna red and white. The little birds lined up on the sides of the can and the yellow color are also key points.

Steam Cream "Peeping Miffy


GREETING MIFFY, in which Miffy greets her friends, is a cute design that shows everyone raising their hands in unison. To convey a school scene, the sides of the can are decorated with motifs such as clocks, desks, and building blocks.

Steam Cream "Greeting Miffy

Steam Cream

Moisturizing cream for the whole body with more than 98% natural ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. Oats, the raw material of steam cream, have been used since Roman times to moisturize and protect the skin.

steam cream

The steam cream brand's unique manufacturing process emulsifies ingredients (water base and oil base) with unmixed steam to create a fresh cream with high penetrating power. The use of high-temperature steam in the emulsification process produces a fluffy cream with a light and highly penetrating texture without compromising the characteristics of the ingredients.

Available at the official Steam Cream online store, Steam Cream permanent stores, events at famous department stores nationwide, and some variety stores.

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