Premium Lururun Maple (scent of colorful season)

Lulurun, a face mask brand, is now offering an autumn limited edition "Premium Lulurun Momiji (scent of the colorful season)". It will be available at the official Lulurun online store, some variety stores, and some souvenir shops.

Premium Lururun Momiji (Colorful Seasonal Fragrance


Premium Lururun Momiji (Colorful Seasonal Fragrance), which is a condensed version of autumn's delicacies, is now available in limited quantities. It incorporates plants associated with autumn, such as bright red maple, ginkgo, and chestnuts, as beauty ingredients. The product contains 5 bags of 7 sheets each, and is priced at 1,760 yen (tax included).

Premium Lururun Maple (scent of colorful season)

Extracts from the leaves of maple trees that have turned bright red prevent rough skin. Moisture gives skin firmness and transparency, and leads to glowing skin.

Premium Rururun Maple (scent of the season with color) Iroha-momiji

Ginkgo biloba leaf extract leads to firm and beautiful skin. The strong vitality of Ginkgo biloba, which has lived unchanged for approximately 200 million years, brings vitality and resilience to fall skin, which tends to fluctuate.

Premium Lururun Maple (scent of the season with color) Ginkgo

The chestnut astringent peel ferment extract is made by fermenting the astringent peel, which protects the chestnut fruit, with yeast. It delivers luster and resilience to skin that is dry due to ultraviolet rays and other factors received in the summer, and to skin that is prone to fluctuations.

Premium Lururun Momiji (scent of the season with color) astringent chestnuts