CAMMAKE's new products for September

Here is a roundup of new and limited-edition colors and other products from CAMMAKE that will be available in late September.

Silky Flare Eyes (matte type)

Eyeshadow containing glow oil to create a matte yet translucent look. Even when layered, it adheres to the eyelids with a lightweight feel that does not feel thickly applied, and allows for beautiful gradation. The high quality finish is free from dusting and lame.

CAMMAKE "Silky Flare Eyes (Matte Type)

The new color "M05 Mahogany Mocha" is a warm reddish brown. The price is 825 yen (tax included).

Lasting Multi Eye Base WP

A new color with skin-conditioning ingredients appears in this multi-use eye makeup base. The cream adheres firmly to the skin, preventing eyeshadow powder from flying off and lame from falling off. It also keeps eyeliner, which tends to smudge, and eyebrows, which tend to fade easily, looking beautiful.

CAMMAKE "Lasting Multi Eye Base WP

The new color "02 Cream Yellow" is a pale yellow type. It contains niacinamide, retinol palmitate, three types of amino acids (arginine, glycine, and glutamic acid), thunbergia leaf extract, and three types of ceramides. Price: 550 yen.

Cream blush (matte type)

Three limited-edition matte-type blush colors that softly blend into the skin. Contains 7 beauty moisturizing ingredients, alcohol-free, mineral oil-free, surfactant-free, UV absorber-free, and fragrance-free.

CAMMAKE "Cream Blush (Matte Type)

The limited edition colors are M01 Apple Compote, a warm red; M02 Chai Rose, a mellow pink beige; and M03 Macaroon Phrase, a sweet, pale pink. Priced at 638 yen.

Colorful Nails

Nails that combine luster, longevity, and ease of application. The liquid-absorbing, firm, flat brush spreads in a fan shape for even and beautiful application.

CAMMAKE "Colorful Nails

Four nude colors inspired by cafes are now available. N75 Sweet Chocolat, a blush brown; N76 Azuki Milk Tea, a milky azuki pink; N77 Calm Glaze, a neutral; and N78 Rusty Gold, a gold like a rusty antique. Priced at ¥396.

Leather-like compact "Marshmallow Finish Powder ~Abloom

From the range of face powders that produce fluffy matte skin, a luxurious leather-like compact is now available in limited quantities. It covers pores as if it has a fine texture, corrects uneven skin tone, and tones up the complexion. Formulated with sebum-absorbing powder, the beautiful, freshly made-up finish lasts for a long time.

CAMMAKE's leather-like compact "Marshmallow Finish Powder - Abloom

The colors are "01 Dearest Bouquet" and "02 Sakura Tulle. The price is 1,034 yen. The contents are the same as the existing "Marshmallow Finish Powder ~Abloom~.

CAMMAKE's leather-like compact "Marshmallow Finish Powder - Abloom

Marshmallow Finish Powder ~Abloom~ refills are priced at 770 yen. The "Marshmallow Finish Powder Brush," which can be stored compactly, is 528 yen.

CAMMAKE "Marshmallow Finish Powder Brush