L'Occitane "Shea Immortelle Serum Hand Cream

L'Occitane will release a new version of "Shea Immortelle Serum Hand Cream" on September 28th. 75mL, 4,290 yen (tax included).

Shea Immortelle Serum Hand Cream

In addition to irritation from dryness and ultraviolet rays, the hands are prone to changes due to frequent hand washing, daily housework, and other lifestyle factors. This hand cream, inspired by the concept of a beauty essence, softens and moisturizes the skin on the hands and leads to a smooth, resilient, transparent, and youthful hand impression.

L'Occitane has discovered the plants "immortelle" and "shea," which have exceptional skin beautifying properties. Immortelle core extract, a sustainable ingredient extracted from the organic immortelle that blooms in Corsica, and immortelle essential oil, which is rich in skin-enhancing ingredients, give the skin plumpness and elasticity.

L'Occitane "Shea Immortelle Serum Hand Cream

Contains 5% shea butter, a highly effective moisturizer extracted from the nuts of the shea tree that grows in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Protects and moisturizes dry, damaged skin.

It also contains hibiscus extract, which brightens dull, dry skin. In the coming dry season, why not incorporate this hand cream, which was created based on the concept of a beauty essence, as a rewarding care product?