Kokuyo Me Vol. 8 "2-way marking pen", "Correction tape", "Portable scissors", "Portable stapler".

The eighth product in the KOKUYO ME series, a two-way marking pen, correction tape, portable scissors, and portable stapler will go on sale on October 5. The products are on pre-sale at Loft and Tokyu Hands stores nationwide (except for some stores).


KOKUYO ME" is a series of stationery products that propose the enjoyment of combining stationery with fashion, as accessories that allow the owner to express themselves. The series incorporates trends in colors, materials, and finishes.

In the eighth volume, four products include stationery used by the target Millennial and Xenial generation in their working scenes, as well as items that are also useful in their learning scenes. Four colors are available: pastel Taupe Rose, Fragile Mint, Moon Lime, and Grayish Fog (Grayish Fog is a limited edition color).

2-way marking pen

A two-in-one marking pen that combines a marker and an ultra-fine pen. The marker comes in four colors: soft pink, soft green, soft yellow, and soft gray, while the 0.3mm ultra-fine pen comes in four colors: pink gray, green gray, yellow gray, and gray. They can be used in layers as they can be written over the markers without blotting. The estimated price is 180 yen, or 720 yen for 4-color assortment (excluding tax, same as below).

Kokuyomy "2-way marking pen"

Correction tape

Correction tape that matches the paper color and ruled line width (for B ruled paper) of Campus Notebook, which sells approximately 100 million notebooks annually. The tape color does not stand out as white and the tape does not stick out from the ruled lines, so the notebooks can be neatly organized. Estimated price: ¥270.

Kokuyomy "Correction tape

Portable Scissors

Compact, easy-to-carry scissors with no cap and a sliding blade that can be inserted and removed. The blade is a titanium-coated glueless blade, which prevents glue from sticking to the scissors even when cutting sticky materials and maintains a comfortable cutting feel. The estimated price is 900 yen.

Kokuyomy "Portable Scissors

Portable Stapler

This stapler folds compactly for easy portability. It also comes with a remover that can be hooked to remove the needle. The maximum number of sheets to be bound is approximately 10. The estimated price is 650 yen.

Kokuyomy "Portable Stapler