Ion "retinol lotion 0.01%", "retinol cream 0.03%", "retinol cream 0.1%"

From the "Grammatical Retinol Series", "Retinol lotion 0.01%", "Retinol cream 0.03%", and "Retinol cream 0.1%" for night skin care are available at approximately 400 Aeon and Aeon Style stores nationwide and at the official mail order Aeon Style Online. The "Retinol Lotion 0.01%," "Retinol Cream 0.03%," and "Retinol Cream 0.1%" are available from the "Retinol Series.

Gramatical Retinol Series

Vitamin A deficiency causes various skin problems such as dryness, dullness, texture disorder, and lack of firmness, so it is important to supplement it with skin care. Retinol, a type of vitamin A, works to lead to fresh, supple, and luminous skin. Since retinol is weak against light, heat, and oxygen, it is difficult to formulate in a stable formulation. Therefore, by encapsulating pure retinol in a LIPIDURE capsule, Aeon has made it possible to deliver retinol to the skin while preventing its degradation.

Retinol encapsulated in a LIPIDURE capsule

To protect retinol from oxygen, the lotion bottle uses a double-layered bottle that prevents air from entering the bottle. The tube is made of aluminum to eliminate permeability of the container, thereby protecting retinol from light.

Ion "retinol lotion 0.01%", "retinol cream 0.03%", "retinol cream 0.1%"

Lotion containing 0.01% retinol

In addition to 0.01% retinol formula, it also contains penetrating care ingredients. It smoothes and conditions the skin while wiping away keratinous dirt. Use after cleansing, followed by regular care. 100 ml, 2,200 yen (tax included).

Retinol cream 0.03

Concentration that is easy for retinol beginners to try. 5g (0.18oz), 1,650 yen (tax included).

Retinol cream 0.1%.

We recommend the 0.1% concentration for those who value a more intense sensation. It improves skin texture and leads to firm, bouncy skin. Rich texture with olive-derived squalane. 5 g, 3,300 yen (tax included).

Use only for nighttime care. Do not use if you have had skin problems with products containing retinol or if you are prone to skin problems. Use a small amount once every 2 to 3 days at the beginning, then use once a day for night care only while monitoring skin condition.

LIPIDURE is a registered trademark of Nichiyu Co.
Lipidure is a registered trademark of Nichiyu Co.
The ratio of ingredients is the value at the time of manufacture.