Lush "Sleepy Candle", "Harvest Festival Candle", "Orange Blossom Candle".

The vegan-friendly Sleepy Candle, Harvest Festival Candle, and Orange Blossom Candle with best-selling scents will go on sale on October 14 at 76 LUSH stores nationwide and at the official online store. Priced at 2,400 yen each (tax included).



The lush herbal notes of lavender are perfect for a restful night. The ylang-ylang oil used is extracted from the fertile, mineral-rich volcanic soil of the Comoros Islands, located between the African continent and Madagascar. Flowers and leaves from which lavender oil is extracted are transformed into nutrient-rich fertilizer and used for next season's cultivation. This greatly reduces the amount of waste generated during the farming process and also reduces the purchase and use of new fertilizers.

Rush "Sleepy Candle

Harvest Festival Candle

The gentle scent of citrus notes blended with galbanum, bergamot, and orange flower evokes a pleasant breeze. The top note is a galbanum fragrance that changes from green to woody over time. The sweet and gentle scent of bergamot and orange flower is reminiscent of sunshine. It is also blended with the calming scent of oak moss, making it a good choice for those who do not like strong sweet scents.

Rush "Harvest Festival Candle"

Galbanum oil, a representative of green notes, is an essential oil with a history so old that its description is preserved in the Old Testament. The one used in this candle is extracted by steam distillation in France, purchasing the resin from Iran.

Orange Blossom Candle

Reminiscent of the Mediterranean sunshine, the fragrance blends the floral notes of neroli with bright and gentle bergamot. The aroma changes from fresh citrus notes to honeyed sweetness, reminding one of an orchard overlooking the sun-drenched Mediterranean Sea. The neroli oil used is extracted from bitter orange flowers grown by Lebanese farmers who oppose bird poaching based on the idea of regenerative buying.

Lush "Orange Blossom Candle

All three candles are vegan-friendly, based on plant-derived rapeseed wax, coconut oil, coconut wax, and caster wax. They are free of genetically modified plants, ingredients derived from soybeans, and palm oil. The beautiful frosted glass container is made of recycled materials. Burning time is approximately 12 hours. 75 g / Size diameter 70 mm x height 45 mm.