Nitori "Down Quilt Recycling Campaign

Nitori will hold a "Down Comforter Recycling Campaign" from October 24 to November 27. This is an initiative to collect unwanted down quilts in stores free of charge and remanufacture them.

Down Comforter Recycling Campaign

The Down Comforter Recycling Campaign is an initiative in which down comforters no longer needed at home are collected free of charge at stores, regardless of the retailer, and carefully cleaned before being reprocessed. Last year, 15 stores collected the futons and the campaign was very popular. Now that we have established a system for "circulation" from collection to reprocessing and sales, we have decided to implement the program nationwide.

Unwanted down quilts (with a down ratio of 50% or more) are brought to any of the 564 Nitori, Nitori EXPRESS, or Shimachu stores nationwide and asked to speak to an employee. Nitori points will be awarded within three weeks of the procedure. The point gift is limited to one time. You can bring in your down quilt as many times as you like.

Nitori "Down Quilt Recycling Campaign

Those who cooperate with the down quilt recycling campaign and fulfill the following conditions during the period covered (September 26 to November 27) will receive additional Nitori points. Points will be awarded until the end of December 2022.

Those who purchase a down quilt for 9,990 yen or more (including tax) at Nitori, Nitori EXPRESS, Shimachu, or Nitori Net.
Newly registered members of Nitori Appli.

The period for this campaign is from September 26 to November 27 so that down quilts can be ordered before the campaign and collected at a later date when the relevant items are picked up at the store.

Duvets using approximately 30% of the down collected in the same campaign last year (recycled down) will be available at some stores from late October. Because of the careful cleaning and sorting process, the quality is as "fluffy and warm" as that of new products. It is clean and safe to use.

Nitori "Down Quilt Recycling Campaign