Kokuyo "LAMY/Campus Soft Ring Notebook



AMY/Campus Soft Ring Notebook" KOKUYO will release "LAMY/Campus Soft Ring Notebook" on November 26 in collaboration with the "safari" series by LAMY, a leading German brand of writing instruments. Loft, Tokyu Hands, and Ito-Ya will pre-sell the product on November 11.

LAMY/Campus Soft Ring Notebook

Kokuyo's "Campus" and LAMY's "safari" are both historical brands that have been loved for over 40 years. This collaboration was realized by bringing together the legacies of both brands as "something to write with" and "something to be written with," and combining the functionality and design of both fountain pens and notebooks when used simultaneously, in the hopes of further enhancing the pleasure of ownership and the joy of writing.

Kokuyo "LAMY/Campus Soft Ring Notebook

The LAMY/Campus Soft Ring Notebook is the first soft ring notebook to use ledger paper as the notebook's interior paper. The ledger paper is KOKUYO's original paper with a history of about 90 years. It is suitable for writing with fountain pens because it is moderately smooth, does not bleed easily, and has little back-through.

Kokuyo "LAMY/Campus Soft Ring Notebook

The design has a special collaborative feel with the "Campus" logo on the cover and the "LAMY" logo on the reverse side. The "LAMY/Campus" logo is also laid out near the ring of the inside paper.

Kokuyo "LAMY/Campus Soft Ring Notebook

The ruled line on the inside paper is a 5mm dot-cornered ruled line that serves as a good guide when writing letters and does not interfere with sketches and illustrations. KOKUYO's unique soft rings are not bothered by hand contact, and allow for writing right to the edge of the page.

Kokuyo "LAMY/Campus Soft Ring Notebook

The color variation lineup includes yellow, which symbolizes LAMY safari, and simple black and white. The estimated price is 850 yen each (tax not included), A5 size, 50 sheets.

Kokuyo "LAMY/Campus Soft Ring Notebook

LAMY Safari Campus

Edition F

ountain Pen LAMY Japan has simultaneously introduced the "Lamy Safari Campus Edition Fountain Pen". This limited edition design has a one-tone finish with even the clip in the same color as the barrel, and the "Campus" logo printed on the barrel.

Lamy Safari Campus Edition Fountain Pen

The stainless steel nib is characterized by its stable writing feel, and the nib comes in two sizes, EF (extra fine) and F (fine), which are suitable for fine writing. Black ink is used for the initially loaded refill.

The product is scheduled to go on sale on November 26. Loft, Tokyu Hands, and Ito-Ya will pre-sell the product on November 11. The estimated price is 4,500 yen (excluding tax).